About Us 關於我們


Somewhere i have never travelled. Like something is brewing, about to begin. Everyone of you is significant, and your departure will set in motion of another’s journey. The journey of about begin. Whatever happens, just speak out loud! Anonymously or bluntly delivery the path of your voyage.

運動,是一個自我實現的創造性過程,會產生出一種「高峰體驗」的情感,是人處於最激盪人心的時刻,是最高、最完美、最和諧的狀態,是一種欣喜若狂、如醉如痴、銷魂的感覺 。

Sport, is the creative process of self-actualization that harness the emotion of heightened experience. It’s the moment of sensational surge. At the highest, perfect and harmonious state of mind. Feelings of ecstatic, addictive , and befuddled.


We are entrepreneurs and explorers. Ever since we acquired snowboarding coaching permit, we have been visiting different snow resorts since 2016. To us, snowboarding is a sport, as well as a way of traveling.


Through experience sharing, we pass on the spirit, knowledge, and technic, to embrace the dynamical balance. We created About Begin fan page because we believe experience is the very worthiness of its own existence that needs to be shared.


Along with you, we are more than just snowboarding but endless combination and permutation of possibilities. Share stories with us. Take your first step, and inspire others to seek out the beauties of life. Your departure will set in motion of another’s journey. The journey of “About begin".